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SpongeBob SquarePants "Sweet Victory" Performance 🎤 Band Geeks | Nick


Published on 1 week ago

SpongeBob, Sandy, Patrick and Squidward give you all the feels at the Bubble Bowl when they sing SWEET VICTORY! 🎤 Catch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon.

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Nickelodeon . 1 week ago


Emmet41708 4life

Emmet41708 4life . 52 minutes ago

This that fortnite victory song


Gilition . 1 hour ago

"YouTube rewind 2018 is the most disliked video on YouTube" Me: Plays this*

Jake Sutton

Jake Sutton . 1 hour ago

As much as I love the idea I have low hopes saying this’ll be at the real super bowl I just don’t see it happening

Mok the Magic Man

Mok the Magic Man . 1 hour ago

Thanks Nickelodeon now I'm crying

beaty on my meaty uh papi

beaty on my meaty uh papi . 2 hours ago

This needs to be played at the Super Bowl

Aaron C

Aaron C . 2 hours ago

What is this

Jack Fitzgerald

Jack Fitzgerald . 2 hours ago

Nickelodeon make this happen there is a petition here http://chng.it/CWNndRj6

:Dillon Wingull

:Dillon Wingull . 2 hours ago

Remember kids, this is what art looks like.


MattdaMutt . 2 hours ago

I wonder if Viacom will claim copyright on a video by Nickelodeon - owned by Viacom... hey, stranger things have happened on Youtube.

Juvenal Contreras

Juvenal Contreras . 2 hours ago



xManInSky . 3 hours ago

Squidward’s best moment. Happy to see his passion pull through ❤️


RageToExistence . 3 hours ago

Who else made the same face at 1:04 when they first saw this episode?

Elijah Collier

Elijah Collier . 3 hours ago

The first time I've ever seen Squidward So Happy😃😭. Something that makes you smile.

Darkworld 1006

Darkworld 1006 . 3 hours ago

Better be played at this years Super Bowl


Pokemario2401 . 3 hours ago

Squidward should have kept the band

JT Shatzer

JT Shatzer . 4 hours ago

Best episode ever hands down. Rip Steve ❤️

Kiersten Riley

Kiersten Riley . 4 hours ago

This is most definitely going to make it to the superbowl.

President Nathan

President Nathan . 4 hours ago

If this comment gets 1k likes, I will learn the trumpet music to this song and play and sing this at the next talent show we have.

Oompa Loompa

Oompa Loompa . 4 hours ago

Why in recommended?

I am a follower of I love sloths

I am a follower of I love sloths . 5 hours ago

1:29 when I’m itching my back and it’s in the right spot

Noah tuber

Noah tuber . 5 hours ago

Rip Stephen hellenberg 1961-2018

Taylor Conklin

Taylor Conklin . 5 hours ago

here before it plays at superbowl 53


ALunarBaeguette . 6 hours ago

Play this at my wedding.

TrollsandRen&StimpyFanatic 2004

TrollsandRen&StimpyFanatic 2004 . 6 hours ago

Press F to respect

Zachariah Benavidez

Zachariah Benavidez . 6 hours ago



criotene . 6 hours ago

I think about this moment every day


Lucid . 6 hours ago

Anyone who dislikes this video is going to see the flying duchman pretty soon

Max Bormuth

Max Bormuth . 6 hours ago

Super Bowl 🏟 plsssss

Squad Rush Airsoft

Squad Rush Airsoft . 6 hours ago


Alejandro Reguera Diaz

Alejandro Reguera Diaz . 7 hours ago

The show of my childhood...


GWELL . 7 hours ago

I remember first seeing this as a kid. It absolutely blew my mind. I mean I just remember thinking what is this glorious thing I am looking at!?

i am a disappointment

i am a disappointment . 7 hours ago

best concert ever i was in the front

trash can & garbage bin

trash can & garbage bin . 7 hours ago



Immortalstar01 . 7 hours ago

Where can i get that sweet trumpet intro

Sake of the Silkie

Sake of the Silkie . 8 hours ago



TechnologyBuddha . 8 hours ago

No wardrobe malfunction?!

BRs Anime Corner

BRs Anime Corner . 8 hours ago

Stephen: this one's for you baby 💯

Mantor HUN

Mantor HUN . 8 hours ago

Anyone is here from ZeroLenny? Or just me?

Javier Rosa

Javier Rosa . 8 hours ago

Beautiful. Thank you Stephen Hillenburg

Vareos Potshoterzz

Vareos Potshoterzz . 8 hours ago

this is probably the best moment squidward ever had 1:55


TavenTheBest . 9 hours ago


Cecil's Wayback Gaming Machine

Cecil's Wayback Gaming Machine . 9 hours ago

is mayonnaise an instrument?

Kevin Zhang

Kevin Zhang . 9 hours ago

When they pitched spongebob to Nick, they had to step out because they couldn't stop laughing


KekseMonster . 9 hours ago

R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg :,) :,) Thank you for my childhood!!!! <3


AverageDoggo . 9 hours ago

A million years later..

Charlie Gonzalez

Charlie Gonzalez . 9 hours ago

who else went side to side with a lighter?

Charlie Gonzalez

Charlie Gonzalez . 9 hours ago

1 like= one prayer for Stephen Hillenberg.

Thomas Hay Rebollo

Thomas Hay Rebollo . 10 hours ago

1:20 how do ya like me know?

Und34d Army

Und34d Army . 11 hours ago

You will be remembered Stephen😔😥

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