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Ariana Grande - breathin


Published on 2 months ago

sweetener out now
i love you

breathin’ (visual)
Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Produced by Fuliane Petikyan & Brandon Bonfiglio
Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Anne Laure Dhooghe
For London Alley

Music video by Ariana Grande performing breathin. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Piano Girl

Piano Girl . 8 minutes ago

I think she's a Godmother by now.

Guiomar Borba

Guiomar Borba . 26 minutes ago


Guiomar Borba

Guiomar Borba . 26 minutes ago


Diana Mejia

Diana Mejia . 44 minutes ago


Geraldine Gomez

Geraldine Gomez . 1 hour ago

17 enero?


NicoNice . 2 hours ago

Jemand deutscher hier?


Ida RÎP X . 2 hours ago


Barbara Nobile

Barbara Nobile . 2 hours ago

Como pode ser tão linda??? 😻😍😻😍😻

Jadon Thompson

Jadon Thompson . 2 hours ago

All you have too do is breath

Ailin Balderrama

Ailin Balderrama . 2 hours ago


g?a ?dfrCamba

g?a ?dfrCamba . 3 hours ago


g?a ?dfrCamba

g?a ?dfrCamba . 3 hours ago

Ariana Grande YeY :3 :D :)

Juan y dora Martinez

Juan y dora Martinez . 3 hours ago


Topixx Artist

Topixx Artist . 3 hours ago

Different take on Without Me. Even better... maybe, maybe not you decide! https://youtu.be/hvJrKHj6SiQ

the lady blog

the lady blog . 3 hours ago

Yassssssssss Queen still slaying in 2019

manyuri mejia lopez

manyuri mejia lopez . 4 hours ago

*No mames amo sus cancionesss*

Douglas Silva

Douglas Silva . 4 hours ago

Eu amo muito essa mulher 😍 alguém do Brasil?

Ren Vlogs

Ren Vlogs . 4 hours ago

2019? February 16? also happy birthday Wally west!

John Moore

John Moore . 5 hours ago

Most overplayed song ever

Teresa Kerr

Teresa Kerr . 5 hours ago

Feel bad for her and the perverts in the entertainment and music industry,

Angelica Singh

Angelica Singh . 6 hours ago

Sorry mistakes

Angelica Singh

Angelica Singh . 6 hours ago

U look like my aunt's face at the part where I have ur bub and whiye jacket

Angelica Singh

Angelica Singh . 6 hours ago

A Ar Ari Aria Arian Ariana G Gr Gra Gran Grand Grande Is T Th The B Be Bes Best

McChloe 123

McChloe 123 . 6 hours ago

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Ava Barrett

Ava Barrett . 7 hours ago

Hi I am a big fan omg 😃


AniRobloxNmore . 7 hours ago

Yes 2019

Teresa Lara

Teresa Lara . 8 hours ago


Patate Boss

Patate Boss . 8 hours ago

7 Rings sooooooon 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍

Fleur Regelmann

Fleur Regelmann . 9 hours ago

who is here after 'thank u next' music video came out??

SSpīKë Bîö

SSpīKë Bîö . 9 hours ago

Thank you next now let's keep breathing .

Wiz Angel

Wiz Angel . 9 hours ago

Song for Mac Miller 🤔🤔✍

Ruth Burns

Ruth Burns . 9 hours ago



finesseboichriz . 9 hours ago

Ariana teaching me to keep breathing and not lose my breath and suffocate

Lana Barbour

Lana Barbour . 10 hours ago

*ariana team like—>*

Chiyo Sumizome

Chiyo Sumizome . 10 hours ago

This song is so true. As someone with bipolar, it really describes what panic and anxiety feels like. Like the air is too thin, like the room is spinning and there's everyone around you when there really isn't anyone there but you. Your music, Ari, is amazing. Thank you for expressing how these feelings are in the beautiful way that you write and make your own music. You're awesome!!


girlssoccer1309 . 10 hours ago

I knwo just Breathin ? 2019 ? 😜🤪🤩😋

Paula Gutierrez

Paula Gutierrez . 10 hours ago

me encanta su música

Matlise Metis

Matlise Metis . 11 hours ago

J adore cette chanson

kth bae

kth bae . 11 hours ago

gorgeous af 💜💜💜

hey hey

hey hey . 11 hours ago

Alla coop e da eurospin.

رقية البغدادية

رقية البغدادية . 12 hours ago


رقية البغدادية

رقية البغدادية . 12 hours ago

اكوو عرب باطيارة😮

Jsoymilk Soifer

Jsoymilk Soifer . 13 hours ago

Im breathing allright but jaw dropped


Oll . 13 hours ago

Anyone here from Todd In The Shadows? Also...because this is a damn good song!

Kendra Basson

Kendra Basson . 13 hours ago

My sister Sam like song we say in South Africa I know u like South Africa


Jess . 13 hours ago

She's so beautiful I actually want cry.

Hibah Hibah

Hibah Hibah . 13 hours ago

January 2019??

Andre Sard

Andre Sard . 13 hours ago

We cant breathe after this lol

Edina Balogh

Edina Balogh . 14 hours ago

Best friend!

Isaiah Cates

Isaiah Cates . 14 hours ago

Her best song by far

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