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Ariana Grande - breathin


Published on 5 days ago

sweetener out now
i love you

breathin’ (visual)
Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Produced by Fuliane Petikyan & Brandon Bonfiglio
Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Anne Laure Dhooghe
For London Alley

Music video by Ariana Grande performing breathin. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Nina Saleron

Nina Saleron . 40 seconds ago


Emmi Immonen

Emmi Immonen . 2 minutes ago

The train station reminds me of teen wolf

Rosa Engels

Rosa Engels . 2 minutes ago

Love this video soooo much❤️❤️

Masha Western

Masha Western . 3 minutes ago

Your voice just wonderful

Sariya corrigan

Sariya corrigan . 6 minutes ago

This really gave me chill bumps because her voice is amazing❤️I love her

Nyana Roberts

Nyana Roberts . 9 minutes ago

love it

Shelly Chen

Shelly Chen . 10 minutes ago


Aphiwe Magaya

Aphiwe Magaya . 10 minutes ago

Who's here a university student and going to miss abusing Wi-Fi for these amazing songs?


Exotic . 10 minutes ago

What the actually fuck happened to her face?

Aline Marcelino

Aline Marcelino . 10 minutes ago

Maravilhosa amo de mais 😍

alejandro gonzalez

alejandro gonzalez . 10 minutes ago

The Mandela effect is real I know I heard this song even before it came out

Aphiwe Magaya

Aphiwe Magaya . 11 minutes ago

😢😢😢 Ariana,that was amazing

Tselmuun Erdenebileg

Tselmuun Erdenebileg . 12 minutes ago

It’s been 5 days but she’s still #48 on trending

natalia buta

natalia buta . 12 minutes ago

I love it ❤️💞❤️💓

ale -

ale - . 12 minutes ago

I LOVE youuuuuuu

Ayush Upadhyay

Ayush Upadhyay . 13 minutes ago

*Aesthetically pleasing.*

lina moussa

lina moussa . 13 minutes ago


SK KHAN Official

SK KHAN Official . 13 minutes ago

she has a magical voice 👐 killer eyes just love it ❤

Swiftie All the way

Swiftie All the way . 13 minutes ago

0:18 Girl your whole world is spinning probably because of that high ponytail.

Jasmin Louise

Jasmin Louise . 14 minutes ago

How can someone dislike this? EXPLAIN🤔

Zandri Oberholzer

Zandri Oberholzer . 14 minutes ago

How are some people supposed to breathe... When you keep taking there breathes away.. 😂?!?! 👊

Swiftie All the way

Swiftie All the way . 14 minutes ago

Ain’t got no wigs left to fly!!!

Ravenn chamatou

Ravenn chamatou . 14 minutes ago

Omg I love you ! 😍

afghan rap star TV

afghan rap star TV . 16 minutes ago


Παναγιώτης Τενεκετζής

Παναγιώτης Τενεκετζής . 20 minutes ago


a lovely person!

a lovely person! . 21 minutes ago

1 like = 1 respect

Amal Habib

Amal Habib . 22 minutes ago

#2 TRENDING BABYYYY in uaeeeee ❤❤❤

Syed Humayoon Bukhari

Syed Humayoon Bukhari . 22 minutes ago


Annemarie Menice

Annemarie Menice . 25 minutes ago

I think we all just shipped #breathin

Shareen La Valle

Shareen La Valle . 25 minutes ago

The drums kinda sound like the ones in Hold on we’re going home by Drake? Great song none the less


Daddy . 27 minutes ago

*Emery Bingham left the chat*

rousanna vlassian

rousanna vlassian . 30 minutes ago

i love the news song of Ariane Grande , she is beautiful this ma favorite singers but to my ideur for all .

dan sav

dan sav . 31 minutes ago

hhdxxice gdhxue

dan sav

dan sav . 31 minutes ago


Abu 1903

Abu 1903 . 32 minutes ago


Iann Cavalcanti

Iann Cavalcanti . 33 minutes ago

20.706.967 Views November 12th, 2018. 14:31h 🌚

Loid Pipiko

Loid Pipiko . 36 minutes ago

The song is called breathin but I stop breathin' as soon as I heard the song🤧💕💕

Fortnite Player

Fortnite Player . 37 minutes ago

I love you Ariana

Haim Duani

Haim Duani . 38 minutes ago

מי ישראלי?

Pro Reaction

Pro Reaction . 39 minutes ago

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Haim Duani

Haim Duani . 39 minutes ago

חיים שלייייי😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

tt tt

tt tt . 40 minutes ago

*2* *0* *1* *8* *?*

Klaus 333

Klaus 333 . 44 minutes ago



avlbunny123 . 45 minutes ago

Yes ari

علاء السر

علاء السر . 47 minutes ago


Yasin Öztürk

Yasin Öztürk . 47 minutes ago

You take


LEDOM CHANNEL . 48 minutes ago

Im still addicted:(

Mateo Doleqi

Mateo Doleqi . 49 minutes ago

So thicc No nut November

EVA #crazy

EVA #crazy . 49 minutes ago

5 Trending at Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Whats in Michaels Bag.

Whats in Michaels Bag. . 51 minutes ago

Fab voice n show....are u named after my 2nd cuz!!?? Lol

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