Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Published on 1 week ago

See the full show by tuning in to ABC on Friday, December 7 at 9/8c for the encore of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

"Let You Love Me" is available now - http://atlanti.cr/LYLM

My new album 'Phoenix' is out now - http://atlanti.cr/Phoenix

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Jay Petrova

Jay Petrova . 1 hour ago

Stop letting Stella open sections!! She’s awful!

Malcolm Washer

Malcolm Washer . 1 hour ago

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Zakaria Hafda

Zakaria Hafda . 2 hours ago

Abdelhalema hafze


M B . 3 hours ago

Rita is so pretty omg

Paulina Fernández

Paulina Fernández . 3 hours ago

Que hermosa rita 💘💘

lau villalobos

lau villalobos . 3 hours ago

Stella maxwell yesssss i love

Helmy Attia

Helmy Attia . 4 hours ago


JackiePlaysRoblox_Roleplays/And more

JackiePlaysRoblox_Roleplays/And more . 4 hours ago

2:22 woah her blink 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she tried so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


hipretty . 5 hours ago

Rita looking stunning! 😘

thanh tùng

thanh tùng . 5 hours ago

Who is 2:50 model ?

werk bish

werk bish . 6 hours ago

she sings so good live waaat

werk bish

werk bish . 6 hours ago

only artist who sounds exactly like her songs when singing live

werk bish

werk bish . 6 hours ago

rita has popped off this year, sis is thriving

Latika Mistry

Latika Mistry . 6 hours ago

I'm not even lying my brother girlfriend has rita oras number and if you lot don't believe me even ask rita urself


IICONICS 2528 . 7 hours ago


Kaan Kırcı

Kaan Kırcı . 7 hours ago

1:26 what is her name and surname


mrleeuwarder . 8 hours ago

Promoting anorexia is bad.


mrleeuwarder . 8 hours ago

Wtf are the walking dead doin on stage?

prisoner steve

prisoner steve . 8 hours ago

Rita ora I love you go rita

Noviyanti Anggraeni

Noviyanti Anggraeni . 10 hours ago

Who the girl in 2.23 she's cuteeee

Sumayyah Idrees

Sumayyah Idrees . 10 hours ago

A perfect performance


Ju . 11 hours ago


Sizam Wielki

Sizam Wielki . 11 hours ago

Awesome video 👍 😁 👍 Your subscriber 🙋 like for You 47 . . . Thousands . . . 👆 back me also my Friend something 🙏 Greetings EveryONE 🙆

Le-Anne Gayzelle Posadas

Le-Anne Gayzelle Posadas . 11 hours ago


Honestyis Key

Honestyis Key . 12 hours ago

Me at 1:56 if I as walking on the runway lol


bananapie . 13 hours ago

barbara's face and body make bella looks so ordinary


bananapie . 13 hours ago

rita looks like a fat pig next to all the models


bananapie . 13 hours ago

lowest views out of all segments..just goes to say how irrelevant she is

Aied Lee

Aied Lee . 13 hours ago

Omg! Adam's reac to his wifeee aww

Katy Dean

Katy Dean . 13 hours ago

Whos that before barbara palvin?

Luis Fernando

Luis Fernando . 14 hours ago


Carlos Berardinelli

Carlos Berardinelli . 15 hours ago

Oh my god Rita ❤️

SJ Bañares

SJ Bañares . 15 hours ago

*Barbara Palvin* is so damn gorgeous and wait she looks like Cara Delevigne ❤️😍 I adore her now. More of Barbara please VSFS!

ave horeld

ave horeld . 15 hours ago

The first model looks haggard and malnourished the legs look gross

SJ Bañares

SJ Bañares . 15 hours ago

Stella looks bored in the years VSFS.

Madi Bennett

Madi Bennett . 15 hours ago

1:53 she has got the best smile!! <3

Jaysen B

Jaysen B . 15 hours ago

Is it me, or does Rita look big these super models, But she is is cool she is always happy as hell!

Chika Devina

Chika Devina . 15 hours ago

OMG, Behati💙


mymidgetbae . 16 hours ago

Beautiful segment but too many cuts. Can't even enjoy the moment a model walks

Randolph Cyrus

Randolph Cyrus . 17 hours ago

Who is that hot girl at 1.33 ???? Damn 😍😍😍

Ella Ziegler

Ella Ziegler . 18 hours ago

love how they caught the angles when Barbara came out. THAT GURLLL just like she own the runway!!!


ThisIsDenis . 18 hours ago

ming xi <3

Lean Babe Bascones

Lean Babe Bascones . 20 hours ago

Ming Xi 😍😍😍😍😍

Succulent Babies

Succulent Babies . 20 hours ago

Bella Had a cold hip for Rita! lol

Kazuto Kirigaya

Kazuto Kirigaya . 20 hours ago

Poor Stella

Brenda Chávez

Brenda Chávez . 21 hours ago


Swipe Photography

Swipe Photography . 21 hours ago

Lip Synced

krytyk polski

krytyk polski . 23 hours ago

with all due respect, but the most beautiful on the stage is rita ora

Donuts Waffles

Donuts Waffles . 23 hours ago

The first model reminds me of Margot Robbie

Kaila  Fernandez

Kaila Fernandez . 23 hours ago

ritaaaaaa i love your charisma

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