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Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day
Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

Published on 8 months ago

We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/

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Comments :

Mya Holmers

Mya Holmers . 15 minutes ago

the part with the milkshake 😂😂

Courtney Razzaq

Courtney Razzaq . 1 hour ago

You guys 🤣👍

Lily Reynolds

Lily Reynolds . 11 hours ago

I have my notifations on

Justie V

Justie V . 11 hours ago

Who the f was sleeping up there😂😂😂😂😂I’m dying

Casey Arielle

Casey Arielle . 12 hours ago

Video ideas 1. How about, spend some amount of money( lets say $200-$500) to buy each others clothes? The twin to buy has to style the twin they buy it for, hope y'all get what I mean😂 and the other twin can't complain or say NO and have to wear the clothes bought for a period of time or a whole day, no matter what it is and where it is at.... OR 2. A twin must not wear or use an item or two items,like a shoe/shoes or shirt that the other twin orders or asks to, both twins do the same to each other ...ohhh that would be fun! Imagine going shopping at a mall or store without a shirt or a shoe on and you just walk and buy things like its a normal thing to do while people stare😂😂sorry guys just ideas coming,have fun btw...if you do any of these challenges💕

Casey Arielle

Casey Arielle . 12 hours ago

I have a 16 yr old sister,we are 2 yrs apart and I'm the older one,but ever since we were very young(like 12-14 yrs ago) we argued a lot like a lot lot that sometimes lead to fights🤣it happened as frequently as 2 to 3 times a day every single day! Not one day missed I tell ya...but since we're older now we rarely even argue,now its like 2-3 times a MONTH,THANK GOD! But I love her even tho we'd always argued ❤️btw..I love you guys and your videos they are dope and funny! Y'all make my day better...💙❤️💙❤️


Ashley . 15 hours ago

Next video: Twins say NO for a day 😂 so basically you just say NO! to everything

Evoline Hanspal

Evoline Hanspal . 18 hours ago

Hi I'm 4 Mumbai 👍I love yr video

brooke’s corner

brooke’s corner . 19 hours ago

ok ik this is weird but DANG Ethan has a awesome body🤩

Ariane Patino

Ariane Patino . 21 hours ago

Ethan coulda just said “can i change back into my old clothes, grayson.”

Gayathri Subra

Gayathri Subra . 21 hours ago

If I did this with someone I would just say “Will you not ask me to do anything for the entire day?” 😎😎😎

Jackki Tigger

Jackki Tigger . 1 day ago

Twins really fight like this .. it reminds me of my twin .. they are hilarious 😂 but no one get u like ur twin or pisses u off lol

Angel Face

Angel Face . 1 day ago

SOOO unfair...Greyson has to drink 3 shakes..and he wants to only drink one sip. And runs away ha

Angel Face

Angel Face . 1 day ago

See if this were a gf/bf fight..someone would be in jail....See how wussy everyone is nowadays. These guys keep it real. Stop being such wussies USA people

Sofia brad

Sofia brad . 2 days ago


Jayde Ramar

Jayde Ramar . 2 days ago

13:04 Gray literally said nah but E doesn't care bcs he doesn't care if he pops #pray4gray

Risa Debbarma

Risa Debbarma . 2 days ago


Fallen Angel Alex

Fallen Angel Alex . 2 days ago

Who else think Ethan looks like billy from stranger things 🤷‍♀️

Bri S

Bri S . 2 days ago

Did he really take the "crust" off the uncrustable?

don't care

don't care . 2 days ago

Grayson cutieee😻😻😻🙈🙈🙈

Macarena Solar

Macarena Solar . 3 days ago

Ethan looks like a douchey Freddy Mercury😂

Angela Regondola

Angela Regondola . 3 days ago

they arguing because of a milkshake HAHAHAHAHA

yaw yaw

yaw yaw . 3 days ago

Have been watching you guys for a month now.. And guess what! I still can't distinguish who's who!!! 🥴🥴🥴🥴

Taya tron

Taya tron . 3 days ago

Anyone else think Ethan looks like billy from stranger things with his shorts and mustache 😂?

Ella Manuel

Ella Manuel . 4 days ago

Grayson: Why is it crunchy? ITS FROZEN. Ethan: I put it in the toaster. I tried. Grayson: It’s frozen. Ethan: Well while- Grayson: It’s a frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!! Ethan: Well while I was making your breakfast.... Grayson: MAKING IT ?????? Ethan: Yeah. Grayson: Ok.... IM DEAD


V I C . 4 days ago

I thought Ethan was gonna say Pedo when he was singing his outro 😭😭

Kimberly Kenville

Kimberly Kenville . 4 days ago

I was laughing way to hard for my own good! Thanks guys!💗💗💯

Hannah Stovall

Hannah Stovall . 4 days ago

You guys are amazing. Keep up being fantastic. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Ana Paula Soraire

Ana Paula Soraire . 5 days ago

i have cheerio's two

Ana Paula Soraire

Ana Paula Soraire . 5 days ago

Ethan you should of said can I not were this outfit and he will have to say yes

Ashley Long

Ashley Long . 5 days ago

Grayson did it right, Ethan wouldn't actually do half the things he said yes to. Just saying yes and not doing it isnt saying yes.

G Kingdom

G Kingdom . 6 days ago

4:05 😹😭



ethen sang in the highest little girl voice

Twilight Dreams

Twilight Dreams . 7 days ago

When Greyson asked Ethan to shave a mustache, Ethan could’ve said yes then asked Greyson if he could NOT shave a mustache then he would’ve had to say that he didn’t have to 🤔🤣

Minka Sminka

Minka Sminka . 1 week ago

No one : Ethan: bArK

Minka Sminka

Minka Sminka . 1 week ago

Grayson is so cute I’m dead

Aditi Singh

Aditi Singh . 1 week ago

ethan, you sing quite good. you should sing more.


PAIGE THEISEN . 1 week ago

I love this thanks for it my crush found out that i like him and I a having an anxiety attack.

Emily Lilo

Emily Lilo . 1 week ago

The end was SO funny😂😂


Megan . 1 week ago


Mia Faye

Mia Faye . 1 week ago

Like for Ethan’s toenails

Eric Pendowski

Eric Pendowski . 1 week ago

No One: Ethan: mY tOeNaIlS lOoK dElIcOuS

Allyson Schlosser

Allyson Schlosser . 1 week ago

"go" *bites into sandwich

Rae’s DailyVlogs

Rae’s DailyVlogs . 1 week ago

Doesnt ethan look kinda like billy from stranger things when hes a lifeguard

Frederik Van Nooy

Frederik Van Nooy . 1 week ago

This bad words i hate it

Jasmine Masters

Jasmine Masters . 1 week ago

Is it me or is Grayson getting a dad body in This clip16:52

Gaelle Eid

Gaelle Eid . 1 week ago

that outro had me dead af🤣

Rebekah Long

Rebekah Long . 1 week ago

It doesn’t say reapatily


•尺の丂乇イイ乇• . 1 week ago

if i was ethan when Grayson told him to wear the shorts and shirt i would say “can i not wear them?” then bam, problem solved

whats_goin_on_everybodyyy y

whats_goin_on_everybodyyy y . 1 week ago

15:16 it was graysons turn so gray couldve made e drink it all

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