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Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day
Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

Published on 1 week ago

We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/

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DaMari Vaughn

DaMari Vaughn . 14 minutes ago

I'm a twin to and my brother is 2 minutes older than me

Sheyanne Strauss

Sheyanne Strauss . 21 minutes ago

Brotherly love 😂

Danielle Anna Mae

Danielle Anna Mae . 27 minutes ago

“We’re gonna go to in-n-out to get a milkshake” goes to McDonalds

raelyn rodriguez

raelyn rodriguez . 53 minutes ago

I subscribed

Kyanna Haynes

Kyanna Haynes . 54 minutes ago

I have post notifications on but I don't have Twitter

Blake Watson

Blake Watson . 56 minutes ago

I did try not to laugh when you were wearing that dumb outfit but you still do what kind of nice

Black Needle

Black Needle . 57 minutes ago

Protien on ya face💀👀👀👀

Little Nailogical

Little Nailogical . 1 hour ago

Anyone else notice the huge pimple on ethan's face

Asma Ali

Asma Ali . 1 hour ago


Ellie Doyle

Ellie Doyle . 1 hour ago

Y'all argue too much

Haven Lovell

Haven Lovell . 1 hour ago

Just ask to change

Leave me Alone

Leave me Alone . 1 hour ago

Why does Grayson sound so much like a real dog😂

Emma Sosh

Emma Sosh . 1 hour ago

If I see one more tick-tock add I will throw my phone. Anyone else???....

Julia Gebhardt

Julia Gebhardt . 1 hour ago

Why couldn't ethan ask to change his clothes or shave his mustache

Urnima Chowdhury

Urnima Chowdhury . 1 hour ago

i know some yall think its bad but i loved the part where they were fighting in the car cause thats sibling nature and im like that with my sis lol

Eilish McLennan

Eilish McLennan . 1 hour ago

Stayed in top 10 for over a week

Danna Penaflor

Danna Penaflor . 2 hours ago

Ethan should of told Grayson to wear a ridiculous outfit to and go on public


Nickola336 . 2 hours ago

4:22 the ethma shade :o

Melanie Martinez squad !!!

Melanie Martinez squad !!! . 2 hours ago

Who’s ready for Ethan’s album

Bethany Esayas

Bethany Esayas . 2 hours ago

Did he say Christian and I or Grayson and I 0:19

Mark Weinberg

Mark Weinberg . 2 hours ago

4:05 umm somehow meeeeeeeee

Mariela Rodriguez

Mariela Rodriguez . 2 hours ago


maddie lol

maddie lol . 2 hours ago

dolan twins upload a 1 hour long vid- *YES* pewdiepie uploads a 5 hour long video- *NO*

Pressley Bylsma

Pressley Bylsma . 2 hours ago

Ethan clearly liked the outfit or else he could’ve just asked “can I change and shave?” Ya know what I’m saying?


makena . 2 hours ago

grapeson,,, get me some grapes *laughs* that was grape

Zhadae Carr

Zhadae Carr . 2 hours ago

If he doesn’t have dairy for 4 months how does he eat his sweet cereal

Kennedy Lacroix

Kennedy Lacroix . 2 hours ago

You should of asked to change your outfit

Baylee Jackson

Baylee Jackson . 2 hours ago


Shameka Cobb

Shameka Cobb . 3 hours ago



Asian . 3 hours ago

Yes or Yes?


marissa . 3 hours ago

As an identical twin, I can understand the struggle of constantly arguing

Samantha Macko

Samantha Macko . 3 hours ago

your videos put a smile on my face 😊 and i laugh every time😂😍


FRESH LIFE . 3 hours ago

G-Are you going to lie to your bother like that E-No (Yes)


FRESH LIFE . 3 hours ago

Are you going to lie to your bother like that Ni

Robyn Locke

Robyn Locke . 3 hours ago

i would say can i clog the toilet

Kenzie Dancer

Kenzie Dancer . 3 hours ago

All Ethan had to do was ask if he could change out of that outfit and shave his moustache

Ruthelen Guillaume

Ruthelen Guillaume . 3 hours ago

grayson is right you told him to drink the protein shakes and he did but ethan wants to make a big deal

Reira Koizumi

Reira Koizumi . 3 hours ago

can people stop shitting on Ethan just once, i don't know why people love so much complaining about him, he has such a lovable personality :(

Maddie Meyer

Maddie Meyer . 3 hours ago

“subscribe for weekly videoo...s”

Hugo Vance

Hugo Vance . 3 hours ago

Dats a lot ov liks!

Lili Difiore

Lili Difiore . 3 hours ago

you should do a video where you become each other and try to switch exactly

Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur . 3 hours ago

8:11 did gray just UNCRUST his UNCRUSTABLE? literally me

Gotta_Ship_It_All _

Gotta_Ship_It_All _ . 3 hours ago

Is it sad my only thought was "damn he can reach the top shelf cereal"

Emma Perez

Emma Perez . 3 hours ago

Love this video and I feel bad for Grayson lol and Ethan is so funny and Grayson is soo hot loll love u guys 💕

Marissa D

Marissa D . 3 hours ago

Just to keep you happy so you stop being a little bitch 😂😂😂😂

luci_4ever_bts!! XOXO

luci_4ever_bts!! XOXO . 3 hours ago

We can say Ethan unleashed his inner doush😂😂

Random Default

Random Default . 4 hours ago

11:27 did I just hear what I think I heard


RandomArtStudios . 4 hours ago

Ethan looks like Rocky!!!!!

Holly Alexander

Holly Alexander . 4 hours ago

I love you guys

Gucci Girl

Gucci Girl . 4 hours ago


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