The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers

Published on 3 months ago


See the full show by tuning in to ABC on Friday, December 7 at 9/8c for the encore of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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Blinkeu Kim

Blinkeu Kim . 14 minutes ago

I saw Barbara, I clicked, simple.

Jeff Mcglone

Jeff Mcglone . 31 minutes ago

I love the chainsmokers but the ladies? The outfits were horrible!!

fortnite pro

fortnite pro . 1 hour ago

Once upon a time a brown haired girl sang this feeling every one wanted to kess her she was so beatifull the end

SpyMaster 219

SpyMaster 219 . 4 hours ago

I'm going to invest in a thin girl with a tight little ass and let her parade in some Victoria's Secret® lingerie for me.

Zoel Amp

Zoel Amp . 6 hours ago

wait it was publish on my birthday lmao


Noël . 15 hours ago

Candice is more than stunning 😍😍

Le Alessandro

Le Alessandro . 16 hours ago

Oh my goodness Barbara Palvin rocks the stage

fortnite pro

fortnite pro . 1 day ago

Ss Uuu Pppp Eeeee Rrrrrr S So Son Song


Nutêllà . 1 day ago

Is it just me or is it that I think these models are waayyy too skinny?

sivorn mao

sivorn mao . 1 day ago

The first women that showed up is hell beautiful!!!😘😍

Doll Queen

Doll Queen . 1 day ago

Wow he's better now compared 2 years ago 💗


JAVIER PALACIO . 1 day ago

Barbra Palvin And Candice!!! Wow

Neelabh Agrawal

Neelabh Agrawal . 2 days ago

pretty ladies and a great song go together perfectly!

Sushanth Ramesh

Sushanth Ramesh . 2 days ago

Barbara fuckin' Palvin. That structure💣

Cristhel Torres

Cristhel Torres . 2 days ago

Candice y Bárbara 😍

krithvi Rambojun

krithvi Rambojun . 3 days ago

What's ur feeling... to see how slim the models r and all the clothes fit on... 😶😶

Jessie W

Jessie W . 3 days ago

still my fav segment🎀❤️

Mariana Ramírez

Mariana Ramírez . 4 days ago

Barbara Palvin looks absolutely delicious... Im straight

Adam Schneider

Adam Schneider . 4 days ago

Chainsmokers only come out with bangers Name 1 song that flopped? U cant

Покорители вершин

Покорители вершин . 4 days ago

Barbar Palvin love u so much

ZeresChiu JingYi

ZeresChiu JingYi . 4 days ago

the model at 3:02 is really pretty !!

Rita Cássia

Rita Cássia . 4 days ago


Na Ann

Na Ann . 4 days ago

I think it's Victoria's Legend.

tanvir ahmed

tanvir ahmed . 4 days ago

Candice,Barbara and yes,ming Xi!

Ashwin Mani

Ashwin Mani . 4 days ago


Patrick Nguyener

Patrick Nguyener . 4 days ago

Kelsea Ballerini looks like a model! if I didn't know I think she was a VS model singing!

julien brassart

julien brassart . 4 days ago

The best is Candice 4ever

Zoi Matina

Zoi Matina . 5 days ago


Gregorius Erico

Gregorius Erico . 5 days ago

this floor amazing

Thanh Le

Thanh Le . 5 days ago

candice and barbara gorgeoussss


Albert . 5 days ago

Candice killed it, glad she opened the segment

Abd Manaf

Abd Manaf . 5 days ago


Jaqueline Santos Santos

Jaqueline Santos Santos . 5 days ago

Candice MY LOVE 😍😍😙😘😚😻

Rodrigo Penachio

Rodrigo Penachio . 5 days ago

What's name model 3:02 !??

wow wow

wow wow . 6 days ago

2:25 Barbara palvin

Emilia Szumińska

Emilia Szumińska . 6 days ago

99% coments is about Barbara palvin

Savannah Mata

Savannah Mata . 6 days ago

2:15 Stella maxwells legs look too skinny

Chantal O'Connor

Chantal O'Connor . 6 days ago

(This feeling)

Blinking Bulb

Blinking Bulb . 7 days ago

good vibes. It's what i live for.

Saif Kabeer

Saif Kabeer . 7 days ago

That girl at 2.32 😭♥️

인싸권민SIK -K

인싸권민SIK -K . 7 days ago

와 노래부르는언냐 몸매쩐다ㅠㅠ

nishkarsh dubb

nishkarsh dubb . 1 week ago

Barbara stole the show!!

Kartika Adriyani

Kartika Adriyani . 1 week ago

Barbara Palvin 😍😍😍 Dylan Sprouse is a lucky MF


BeyondGodz . 1 week ago

99.9.9% Barbara

fitrin yurensia D.D.S

fitrin yurensia D.D.S . 1 week ago

What's with the blurry thumbnail??


Taylor . 1 week ago

Barbara Palvin and Ming Xi!!


lotto . 1 week ago

Miranda Kerr is the 🐐

Byhna Edwards

Byhna Edwards . 1 week ago

love u drew

Maddie Willis

Maddie Willis . 1 week ago

Does ANYONE notice how beautiful Kelsi looks?

Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings . 1 week ago

Barbara I'm falling you

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