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Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga Open The 2019 GRAMMYs
Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

Published on 10 months ago

Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and Jada Pinkett Smith open the 61st GRAMMY Awards.

Full winners list: https://bit.ly/2SnSTFG

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Comments :

Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

Recording Academy / GRAMMYs . 10 months ago

Former First Lady Michelle Obama Steals the show at the GRAMMYs: http://goo.gl/gghnMy

Josh TV PH

Josh TV PH . 3 hours ago

OMG my beloved former First Lady! Mrs Shelly!! I A D O R E you, ma’am!

darlene jackson

darlene jackson . 18 hours ago

Michelle Obama, will always be our FAVORITE FIRST LADY!!!! We miss President Obama, and Mrs. Obama, soooo much!!!!

juiceberry five

juiceberry five . 20 hours ago


Taylor Colonna

Taylor Colonna . 22 hours ago

Every voice needs to be heard and respected. Unless they disagree with our political agenda. Then those voices can shut up and go F themselves.


starlite556 . 1 day ago

Alicia Keys at about 6:40 says who rules the world . It is satan who she was honoring that rules the world for a short time. When she said that, Michael points downward where she will and the rest will soon join their master.

Fatma Zaidi

Fatma Zaidi . 2 days ago

4:38 ARMY!!!!!!

Celine Acqua

Celine Acqua . 2 days ago

This so beautiful to see people together, mix.

Not Leah

Not Leah . 3 days ago

Dr Holly should’ve been up there with them.

Elisha Valenzuela

Elisha Valenzuela . 3 days ago

Gaga is ignored WTF!!!

Tules G

Tules G . 3 days ago

As soon as Michelle Obama starts crowd goes Ahaaaaaaau! And I started crying? Wt?

Tules G

Tules G . 3 days ago

You can tell the OBAMA'S bite a Big Chunck of the American's HEARTS when pp Recognizes The First Lady in STAGE and Stand up in OVATIONS even more than FAMOUS singers.

Cesar Ramirez

Cesar Ramirez . 3 days ago

Michelle Obama our forever First Lady no one like her

Esteban Gabriel Colmán Valenzuela

Esteban Gabriel Colmán Valenzuela . 3 days ago

Michelle Obama: says something Literally everyone: 5:01

Too_ Beautiful

Too_ Beautiful . 4 days ago

I really don’t like Jennifer Lopez. And Jada fake ass either. Jada messes her face up and she look a mess!! Ugh!!!

Vasko Angelov

Vasko Angelov . 5 days ago

Michael obama

Ronda Glover

Ronda Glover . 5 days ago

Music Makes My World Go Around.


Andrew . 6 days ago

Michelle literally captivated the audience! Love our First Lady!!!

Tutorials, Hauls, and Help with Maya

Tutorials, Hauls, and Help with Maya . 1 week ago

5:09 is that Miley cyrus or her mom

Fiteau Valy

Fiteau Valy . 1 week ago

I like this oh my god

Eronnie Nandyose

Eronnie Nandyose . 1 week ago

Well Alicia brought all the powerful women last year So 2020 she might bring Beyonce Am here for it idk wat to expect

Älana Millione

Älana Millione . 2 weeks ago

Jlo honey the hat is unecessary

Michelle Villamagna

Michelle Villamagna . 2 weeks ago

Michelle Obama is a CLASS ACT

David Flinter

David Flinter . 2 weeks ago

woo, so inspirational.. how many of you who were there or watched this still feel so strongly about said issues?

Lang Jassey

Lang Jassey . 2 weeks ago


Moises Mendez

Moises Mendez . 2 weeks ago

That's right love what they say ♡♡♡

Prudence Lafayette

Prudence Lafayette . 2 weeks ago

When she asked "who run the world" at the end for the moment I thought Beyonce will come out

RoseMary Neal

RoseMary Neal . 2 weeks ago

🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Loved it!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

dusan savic

dusan savic . 2 weeks ago


Connie Thompson

Connie Thompson . 2 weeks ago

Alecia drew that crowd in like a big bright rainbow 😍🤩😍🤩 And my #4everMyFLOTUS sent that crowd into a frenzy, Michelle Obama is a class act.

m. mache

m. mache . 2 weeks ago

The world is names Lady Gaga this request is so special by Hollywood by the public Michelle Obama Alicia a Queens lady Gaga welcome to Hollywood mo RAAD political madical sicoligest Judges on Google youtube International you are lighting the world with your beautiful face stunning body's greatest presentation professional public figure and Seleberity Artists singer's the rose lady Gaga 400k odions crazy for you I Absolutely love it just in 10 times 10 billions like it 7 stars * * * * * * * every one of you congratulations by Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges on Google youtube International? Mo?


Dammoh . 2 weeks ago

Imagine Beyoncé coming up when ak said who runs the world ?


Dammoh . 2 weeks ago

The power they have....

PewDiePie 1223

PewDiePie 1223 . 2 weeks ago

Women empowerment is bullshit. The rich 1% is corrupt and oppressing us

Mocho Pico

Mocho Pico . 2 weeks ago

MICHELLE OLD VERY UGLY WOW 😲 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾


meetmissjones . 3 weeks ago

Michelle Obama eloquently spoken ...❣️she has that presence that commands gentle attention as she inspires you word for word.

Roland Mundo

Roland Mundo . 3 weeks ago

AK's no make-up look is always perfect.

Jonalyn Villarin

Jonalyn Villarin . 3 weeks ago

Powerful women's

Minh Tuấn

Minh Tuấn . 3 weeks ago

name another iconic moment, i’ll wait


MONICA NEVADO . 3 weeks ago

Obama stood out!

Gwendolyn Davison

Gwendolyn Davison . 3 weeks ago

I'm jealous cause I wanna be holding Mrs Obama hand

Cailyn Hood

Cailyn Hood . 3 weeks ago

why Ella mai was looking like that

Grant Ezell

Grant Ezell . 3 weeks ago

I've been trying to go on a date with Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift but they both keep avoiding me for some reason! I think if we all team up and collectively if spam and annoy them with the cover songs I have of them. One of them will fall in love with me and want to take me to the #grammys ♥️. Please like the videos and send them to the artist you like until they finally respond. I would also consider going on a date with Lewis Capaldi 😂 Now the question is what do I do if they all say yes? Taylor, Billie, and Lewis I am waiting for you to slide into my Dms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpU3w1ShV1Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_2csvRZQlg


JB . 3 weeks ago

Respect Mrs Michelle Obama from the South Pacific


SansMerci1013 . 3 weeks ago

If Michelle Obama ran in 2020, Donald Trump would lose.

Pia Toh

Pia Toh . 3 weeks ago

Hands down to these ladies, love you all :) I admire you all.

Kamila Litkowiec

Kamila Litkowiec . 3 weeks ago

Big Woman🤔♥️ Michelle

Fernado CM

Fernado CM . 3 weeks ago

What is the name of the song where Alice leaves for the stage?

Circhil EE

Circhil EE . 3 weeks ago

I not wach AMA any more, politic is IN

Adrian Garza

Adrian Garza . 3 weeks ago

Former First Lady is a hoax , you all mean Michael 😂😂

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