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Binging with Babish: Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2
Binging with Babish

Binging with Babish

Published on 2 months ago

Food in video games has seen a renaissance in the past few years, with vittles playing a pivotal role in your mere survival as a character. Rockstar games inches ever-closer to real life in video game form with Red Dead Redemption 2, where you can buy, hunt, cook, steal, and eat your nutritional requirements every day. You never seem to need to go to the bathroom though...

Special thanks to Justin Bailey, a wilderness expert without whom this episode would not have been possible! Go check out his Instagram:

Check out my playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish: https://open.spotify.com/user/easybakeandy/playlist/04Gp926I7HFqBLVDI2eRJI

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Ze AnceøGamer

Ze AnceøGamer . 53 minutes ago

Pretty good impression u need more hair tonic tho beard isnt big enough u need at least a 8/10


SimMaster . 7 hours ago

I wanna make this but don't really fell like it cause I have terminal lumbago

Tucker Priest

Tucker Priest . 8 hours ago

Now you have to prepare fresh mangoes from Tahiti

Brawler Haus

Brawler Haus . 9 hours ago


matthew key

matthew key . 22 hours ago

Don't eat it its lumbago


Funnyman1 . 1 day ago

I wonder how much it would cost to have babish cook you a meal

Kimira Kash

Kimira Kash . 1 day ago

Take it easy I’m just needling ya


AdenTheOriginal . 1 day ago

SPOILER ALERT After i beat the game i got pissed that Arthur died


Melancholic . 1 day ago

This bear stew is making me wanna go to Tahiti

Dom Sim

Dom Sim . 1 day ago

Music name?

Wolfen Her

Wolfen Her . 1 day ago

Are their any restaurants out there that still making bear stew at this time of year of 2019?

Oneira xD

Oneira xD . 1 day ago

The effort in this is sooo muchh Its soo good

Aidyn Wyatt

Aidyn Wyatt . 2 days ago



DarkDragon . 2 days ago

did you get the meat from the same place when you did the every meat burrito


SSNACKTIME . 2 days ago

make cocaine gum

Brennen tomassoni

Brennen tomassoni . 2 days ago

I’ve recently talked to a guy who’s going to help me go bear hunting, so I can make this recipe for real

Gas Mask

Gas Mask . 2 days ago

DUTCH oven, hehe.

Tom Ives

Tom Ives . 2 days ago

Are you wearing...two vests? Lol

Oliver O

Oliver O . 2 days ago

Pearson would be so proud


loolya3 . 3 days ago

this is and that was fucking beautiful love you babish thank you for all your hard work and I can definitely see passion in your work not only that but most importantly you seem to enjoy it and that's the most important part of it and we enjoy it as well so its a win win on both sides thanks for bringing us our favorite foods from our favorite movies and tv shows and video games and one more request I really want to make I really hope you get a chance to do foods and drinks from video games more often

Justin Gay

Justin Gay . 3 days ago

Metal utensils on a Dutch Oven? Ouch.


Cardboard . 3 days ago

I think you are probably more meticulous than Pearson ever was.

Andrew Ace

Andrew Ace . 3 days ago

Y'here that Babish? Yer yella...

Nathan Rooney

Nathan Rooney . 3 days ago

I remember when Arthur was still alive


Fuzunga . 3 days ago

Only Babish goes above and beyond recreating recipes.

Luke Dearey

Luke Dearey . 3 days ago

the dislike was for the fucking cowboy stereotype

Adam Davenport

Adam Davenport . 3 days ago


Drew OwO

Drew OwO . 3 days ago

Oooh that voice 😫


N B . 3 days ago

So with hearing whitetail and instantly thinking of deer and hunting and being from Maryland, I’ve heard that all the geese are staying up in New York, and being pretty sure your in New York, can you confirm seeing lots of Canadians up their?


noface . 3 days ago



Volkon . 4 days ago

1.7k liberals


CosGaulo . 4 days ago

not sure if binging with babish or bbq pit boys


Hydranox . 4 days ago

I’d love to see some of the monster hunter world meals, they’re huge but they look pretty yummy!

Dennis Kohls

Dennis Kohls . 4 days ago

You used a *DUTCH* oven! 😉😉

chubb chubbs

chubb chubbs . 4 days ago

Ha! Heavy DUTCH oven, Okay babish.


Scrimp0 . 4 days ago

*yee-haw intensifies*

Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi

Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi . 4 days ago

Holy hell, I could *bear* ly contain my laughter watching this I’ll see myself out now


TheSkyWookie . 4 days ago

I watched this multiple times...the first few I couldn't figure out whether or not this was all CGI, but then I began to realize it was real..I think (?)

Abdel Sayed

Abdel Sayed . 5 days ago


Adrian Sandy

Adrian Sandy . 5 days ago

Okay, A bear stew really makin me hungry

Ventus Dregnova

Ventus Dregnova . 5 days ago

I realy want to see him make food from the anime food wars

Cody Deakle

Cody Deakle . 5 days ago

That bear meat can give you lumbago watch out...

Jacob Galvan

Jacob Galvan . 5 days ago

Just now on red dead 2 literally just now I put my horse and relatively normal speed I flipped on the cinematic camera Went downstairs with this video on my phone made a sandwich and drink some Dr Pepper finished watching the video I was in Saint-Denis and I set the way point for the McFarland ranch and when I was done I want upstairs back to my room and I was at the Ranch I fucking love this game and you Arron ray

Billy Rusdiandy

Billy Rusdiandy . 5 days ago

More outdoor cooking pls


R O X Λ S . 5 days ago



Sealdrop . 5 days ago


Earl Salamander

Earl Salamander . 5 days ago


Ryan is Bappo

Ryan is Bappo . 5 days ago

I can't cook it, I got lumbago y'know, it's really serious.

Hunter playz 1

Hunter playz 1 . 5 days ago

This is awesome I love red dead 2


H3rvin . 5 days ago

2:40 oh dang

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