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5 Minute Beauty Hacks
Cody Ko

Cody Ko

Published on 3 months ago

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5 Minute Beauty Hacks

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Cody Ko

Livi Jansan

Livi Jansan . 5 hours ago

4:12 was my dog when she would choke cause she ate too fast. Then she got dementia and started forgetting when she ate which lead to a downward spiral of her getting too fat. Then she stopped getting up from her bed. And eventually when the time came we put her down. Rip Belle, November 24, 2018. u will be missed.

ha stupid bitch

ha stupid bitch . 6 hours ago

you look like you’re coming out of your laptop

Rachel Gendro

Rachel Gendro . 18 hours ago


Izzy Stelling

Izzy Stelling . 1 day ago

The change is great. Cody was so much better looking at the end. This midlife was a great thing for him.

Izzy Stelling

Izzy Stelling . 1 day ago

Wow loving the very precise shape based look today. In my opinion whole precise shapes are much better in makeup than half shapes.

ashley marija

ashley marija . 1 day ago

Cody you look awesome sort of

hi im laken

hi im laken . 1 day ago

I got a lele pons add before this. Wtf.

Sarah Elizabeth

Sarah Elizabeth . 2 days ago


Sarah Elizabeth

Sarah Elizabeth . 2 days ago

*"contour your"* **sniff** -*"shnoz?"*

Bryony Hulbert

Bryony Hulbert . 2 days ago

He's literally so cute I can't even deal!


kylizzle . 2 days ago

after watching 1:03 i have decided his slogan should be "keeping it simple, keeping it clean, keeping it Ko"

John Temple

John Temple . 2 days ago

"That got all over my computer" definitely not the first time Cody has said that

Veronica Medina

Veronica Medina . 2 days ago

I would watch a 11 minute long video of you chugging beers and burping


Nushi1098 . 2 days ago

Damn look at them big juicy red lips, imma go fiddy on your ass


Maia . 3 days ago

cody kinda reminds me of schmidt from new girl

Alina Lynn

Alina Lynn . 3 days ago

It looks like you got DECKED

Alina Lynn

Alina Lynn . 3 days ago

Yo the burp had me DYING omg


H I . 3 days ago


Hannah Clapcott

Hannah Clapcott . 3 days ago

i thought at least some of the thumbnail was edited but i was wrong u really did that


BEYA RENEE . 4 days ago

ray flucking diaz


buzzcvt . 4 days ago

i swear when i saw the thumbnail i thought you edited it dramatically but dude was i wrong

Aquafirefury 12

Aquafirefury 12 . 4 days ago

Kody has never looked better!


Glowfish . 4 days ago

You never took the whip cream out of your hair. How the fuck are we supposed to know to use that life hack now. We don't even fucking know if it works. Fuck you Cody you just can't stand the thought of helping your fans eh? (I actually feel bad about the last part Cody don't worry you're really funny and sweet love you ❤️ XD)

Carly Savannah Johnson

Carly Savannah Johnson . 4 days ago

4:22 “im fekin drnk already”😹😹😹

Staley Sharples

Staley Sharples . 5 days ago

truly grim


nomi . 5 days ago

you know i really hoped the thumbnail was clickbait

Sarah Imran

Sarah Imran . 5 days ago

When I saw the thumbnail I didn’t think it was real Boy was I wrong

sourwolf sterek

sourwolf sterek . 6 days ago

“Why is it so cold” I don’t know, maybe because it was in the fridge 😂

Nati Figueroa

Nati Figueroa . 6 days ago

9:12 !!! 😂 Are you okay?? I died !

Esther Lin

Esther Lin . 6 days ago

Haha! Nice hacks

Mary Plopper

Mary Plopper . 6 days ago

James Charles is quaking

nicole perrone

nicole perrone . 6 days ago

I'm crying at the last hack omg

Natalee Denlinger

Natalee Denlinger . 6 days ago

Bag it up while you’re piping down

fabulous chan

fabulous chan . 7 days ago

what did i just see

Life with Bea

Life with Bea . 7 days ago

He was already before 4 minutes of the video had past.

whats your favorite dinner food ?

whats your favorite dinner food ? . 1 week ago

pantene provene

Emily Angelina

Emily Angelina . 1 week ago

i think the nursing home needs to keep a closer eye on cody .

Brianna Lewis

Brianna Lewis . 1 week ago

you remind me of Schmitt from New Girl

Anna Is not kool

Anna Is not kool . 1 week ago

Kodys already drunk within 3 minutes 😂

catalina muñoz

catalina muñoz . 1 week ago


• Wanna See My Shot Glass Collection •

• Wanna See My Shot Glass Collection • . 1 week ago

This made me wanna see you try to follow a makeup tutorial


GXDDXSS LISA . 1 week ago

Hilarious content

Pegi Mirkhani

Pegi Mirkhani . 1 week ago

1:59 محصولات آرایشی بهداشتی پنبه ریز ۱۰۰٪ اوریجینال با بیس گیاهی میخام

Lainey Frantzich

Lainey Frantzich . 1 week ago

I could smell his burps


N0_NAME_WEBBER . 1 week ago

7:00 wasabi + lips = irritation - irritation = redness = no more pale lips, this shit is stupid

Laura Grothaus

Laura Grothaus . 1 week ago

I literally bought the Temptress palette like right before this video came out lol

Rachel Wharton

Rachel Wharton . 1 week ago

Um dude......... human hair once it’s cut is sharp as shit man.... I feel that would hurt really bad to use that dumb brush to put makeup on.

Rachel Wharton

Rachel Wharton . 1 week ago

2:22 took me so much by surprise that I laughed so hard that I snorted and spat on my own face 😂

Adam israel

Adam israel . 1 week ago

He looks like he tried to become a raccoon on a budget

Adam israel

Adam israel . 1 week ago

He looks like he tried to become a raccoon on a budget

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