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5 Minute Beauty Hacks
Cody Ko

Cody Ko

Published on 1 month ago

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5 Minute Beauty Hacks

#codyko #5mincrafts

Cody Ko


Hello61Jello . 5 hours ago

"loosens up your lip pores"

Jessica Crumpler

Jessica Crumpler . 11 hours ago

you look like you killed someone and their blood is just ALL over your face

Loulou Eld

Loulou Eld . 15 hours ago

He invented the don't judge a book by its cover thing.

Danque May May

Danque May May . 20 hours ago


sam sudderth

sam sudderth . 21 hours ago

thats my fridge dude


ambercayy . 2 days ago

Will you come to my wedding if I wear your merch as a wedding dress?

Julia McAlister

Julia McAlister . 2 days ago

still looks better than the blonde


BOREDOM IS ME . 2 days ago

I just watched him reading hate comments on his lele pons video and I'm confused. How the fuck does someone not like Cody but like lele pons I'm gonna guess there all like 11 year olds who have no concept of actual humor but u know its ok. Ig.

Turner Anderson

Turner Anderson . 2 days ago

He looks like someone from who ville (the grinch)

Marck Ramirez

Marck Ramirez . 3 days ago

Dont be silly wrap your willy

Name it

Name it . 3 days ago

remove the square of the hoodie itll look better

Gauge Chandler

Gauge Chandler . 3 days ago

Gay tattoo

Andrea Ursua

Andrea Ursua . 3 days ago

After the jello it looks like he washed his face with period blood

Daan de Leur

Daan de Leur . 3 days ago

That’s some blue ass eyeshadow

Adalineross Bergloff

Adalineross Bergloff . 3 days ago

The sacrifices he makes for these videos...

Aidan Leonard

Aidan Leonard . 3 days ago

Why you look like James Charles at https://youtu.be/wkDQ0_mo184?t=417

Jen Harvey

Jen Harvey . 3 days ago

you look like someone just fuckin decked you

Caroline Walker

Caroline Walker . 4 days ago

Is his outro song the sugar sugar theme song? lol

Caroline Walker

Caroline Walker . 4 days ago

Every time he burps he is soul leaves his body


ThE KeNiS . 4 days ago

lol 5 Minute Beauty Hacks and it 13:24

Miriam Chaouchi

Miriam Chaouchi . 4 days ago

is cody ok?

Miriam Chaouchi

Miriam Chaouchi . 4 days ago

*nO *w*Ay*!* bO*tTL*eS gEt c*o*Ld i*N* t*He* fR*i*dGe*!

Miriam Chaouchi

Miriam Chaouchi . 4 days ago

this is just an old man trying to be relevant for thirteen minutes

Miriam Chaouchi

Miriam Chaouchi . 4 days ago

this is just an old man trying to be relevant


fluffdolan . 4 days ago

“5 minute crafts” leaves whipped cream on hair for 20 minutes. Smh


Courtn7y . 5 days ago

If this video doesn't end with us hearing the door open & his gf walking in carrying bags of shopping only to drop them in shock then I'm gonna be so disappointed

lisanneennathalie --

lisanneennathalie -- . 6 days ago

So he’s making fun of Instagram comedians and the uploads this video which is not even near funny?

G Hajs

G Hajs . 6 days ago

Looks like u slipped on a period pad

mary wolfcin

mary wolfcin . 6 days ago

Cody all i can think is youre gonna StAiN that sweatshirt.

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones . 6 days ago

I hit my juul right before you put the whip cream in your mouth and coughed and it hurt, thanks


sadcat . 6 days ago

4:12 - 4:16 fucking cracks me up so bad

Bridget Kathleen

Bridget Kathleen . 6 days ago

omg he looks like a vampire by the end and it's so cute

Lizzybeth grace

Lizzybeth grace . 6 days ago

4:13 is the best thing on YouTube ever I'm actually dying and I love him lmaoooo

Ur family Tree is straight

Ur family Tree is straight . 6 days ago

Let us go and esketit

Min MIn

Min MIn . 6 days ago

"how to look like you got into a fight involving chicken pox, gello, cream and contouring"

bails r

bails r . 7 days ago

this video gave me a god damn stroke

lazaria ponce

lazaria ponce . 1 week ago

Go home beaky your drunk

Tamsen Petrucelli

Tamsen Petrucelli . 1 week ago

we get that you have two cameras

Cash but the h is silent

Cash but the h is silent . 1 week ago

u make me so angry sometimes cody

Hadassah Flecksing

Hadassah Flecksing . 1 week ago

Cody is flexing on the joker. I mean I thought he was insane, guess I was wrong

Namer Mohtasim

Namer Mohtasim . 1 week ago

That thumbnail killed me


cait . 1 week ago

Cody: takes bottle from fridge Cody: why is it so cold ?!?!?!

Carbon Life

Carbon Life . 1 week ago

bark at 4:13 woof woof


Amanda . 1 week ago

but the real question is did the whipped cream work??

gabi Stef

gabi Stef . 1 week ago

The background music in the beginning was Rammstein?

A-Line Productions

A-Line Productions . 1 week ago

We need a reaction video of your gf walking in on you making these videos 😂


sydhazlett . 1 week ago

... this is hot

Savannah Savage

Savannah Savage . 1 week ago

This looks like a mid life crisis.. You can talk to us cody😭😂👌🏼


Envy919 . 1 week ago

Awesome burp but that 2nd one sounded dangerous 😂

that bitch

that bitch . 1 week ago


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