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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer #3 - (English Sub)


Published on 5 days ago

Funimation has released a new subtitled trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The new trailer offers our first look at Vegeta going Super Saiyan God and gives our best look yet at Goku and Vegeta's fight against Broly. The 20th Dragon Ball movie hits theaters in North America in January 2019.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - Comic Con 2018:

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer #2 - (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - NYCC 2018:

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Anthony8851 . 15 minutes ago

0:20 Ok that got me

Pit Bull

Pit Bull . 1 hour ago

0:32 Replay 😎👌


SSJ3_Yunny . 1 hour ago



Furesis777 . 1 hour ago

wrong color galick gun but alright

Bi Bi

Bi Bi . 1 hour ago


You Like Me Channel

You Like Me Channel . 2 hours ago

RoV Movie:https://youtu.be/PqHUMJ_2Wkg

Aspiring Marauder

Aspiring Marauder . 2 hours ago

Question: How many series has DB gone through? What's the chronological order?

PKThe Rim

PKThe Rim . 2 hours ago



Style . 2 hours ago

If goku doesnt go ui I'll be pissed


Moe . 2 hours ago

1:10 me when its Monday

Fandom Trailers

Fandom Trailers . 2 hours ago

on which cinema it play

valentine SJ

valentine SJ . 2 hours ago


Anthony Reyes

Anthony Reyes . 2 hours ago

I bet soon vegeta will unlock ultra instinct

Anthony Reyes

Anthony Reyes . 2 hours ago

Vegeta unlocked ssg red?

Annas Hossain

Annas Hossain . 2 hours ago

The graphics looks like in a game


Cypsmen . 3 hours ago

Nice !

Yusuf Hendricks

Yusuf Hendricks . 3 hours ago

I’ve never gotten more chills in my life

Laurence Acosta

Laurence Acosta . 3 hours ago

It reminds me when broly grab gokus head is the same in the tournament of power kale even the blast of ki that she cant control it


TheFighter . 3 hours ago

They need to release a Dub trailer

Joshua 10

Joshua 10 . 3 hours ago

I just love the 3D effects. Don’t you love it?

Alawygamer 66

Alawygamer 66 . 3 hours ago

Dub version?

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson . 3 hours ago

Not a fan of Broly's new armor

Amaan Rashid

Amaan Rashid . 3 hours ago

This movie will be unbelievable and who agrees with me that there should be a Marvel universe type DBZ series with real characters i know it will shatter all records

Rich Chris

Rich Chris . 3 hours ago

0:59 I might just be seeing things but that might be Gogeta

Mario Art

Mario Art . 3 hours ago

Whens the dub version coming out..the trailer not the movie

Sutapa Das

Sutapa Das . 3 hours ago

So I have an doubt how is legendary super saiyan on par with two super saiyan blue pls clear it any ways loved the trailer

WrathGamer 9o00

WrathGamer 9o00 . 3 hours ago

0: 07 I laughed so hard

Safe D

Safe D . 3 hours ago

u motivated me to start my own youtube channel thx

Safe D

Safe D . 4 hours ago

love your videos

Demetrius Harris

Demetrius Harris . 4 hours ago

Goku Vegeta confirm dies in movie gohan trains with wiz to defeat broly


duckstyle93 . 4 hours ago

4 Days, 4 Million views :D

Kissof Cherry

Kissof Cherry . 4 hours ago

so they showed the whole movie in this trailer k


Vegeta . 4 hours ago

Vegetal is wearing what he wore in the Buu saga at 1:04

tri pham

tri pham . 4 hours ago

Marvel have Mad Titan, we have Mad Saiyan HELL YEAH !O!

Shakuntlakaushik Kaushik

Shakuntlakaushik Kaushik . 4 hours ago

song name plz

Tyrecus Dale

Tyrecus Dale . 4 hours ago

Who else think Broly gonna be the one to end Dragon ball super

Antowane Palmer

Antowane Palmer . 5 hours ago

Can't wait my vegeta


SpellYogo . 5 hours ago

Love the 3rd trailer Hope you love it too <3

Jonney Cage

Jonney Cage . 5 hours ago

I am making Mac and cheese and no one can stop me

-_ĞüH 218 _-

-_ĞüH 218 _- . 5 hours ago


aprentice follower

aprentice follower . 5 hours ago

Hey guys, do you have any idea how to buy a ticket in order to see this movie in the select theater from Japan?

Analog_ GodO_o

Analog_ GodO_o . 5 hours ago

I cant believe No1 has asked about the song yet

Dive Into New English

Dive Into New English . 6 hours ago

Hand drawn animation lives!

Shashank Singh

Shashank Singh . 6 hours ago

Any INDIAN here

KingAJ Zpro

KingAJ Zpro . 6 hours ago

goku ki Dhulay

Jitendra Sharma

Jitendra Sharma . 6 hours ago

Final Kamehameha 😍

Lunatic's Aces

Lunatic's Aces . 6 hours ago

Meh, Broly will get a senzu bean anyway


DaretoPlay: INDIAN GAMING . 6 hours ago




*Anyone else keeps coming back to this trailer?🔥*

Erika Washington

Erika Washington . 7 hours ago

Vegeta will become the 3rd fiddle 😥

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