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Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?


Published on 1 week ago

Teens and their parents come together to discuss their relationships with technology and each other.
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Dumb Ass Kid

Dumb Ass Kid . 3 hours ago

You have no idea how much I masturbate.


SkyJacob99 . 4 hours ago

"i GoT RiD oF iT"


lightbombs . 6 hours ago



M D . 7 hours ago

Do strippers and parents

Kitty Girls

Kitty Girls . 7 hours ago

Why is the blonde girl Billie Elish? 😂

Bryan Abrego

Bryan Abrego . 8 hours ago

Depression, anxiety, suicide is up, all because they’re actually being researched now lol, and they are classified as illnesses, this stuff has always been here. The awareness was not


babycakes . 10 hours ago

hi im jared i’m nineteen

Iroc Life

Iroc Life . 10 hours ago

I’ve grown into who I am but you act like a little girl when asked your age

Bailey Smith

Bailey Smith . 11 hours ago

No dirt. Not satisfied. This needs a do-over. I also think it should be like a three part series with lower middle and upper class.

Ashley Masako

Ashley Masako . 11 hours ago

loved this episode!

Jean P Mosquera

Jean P Mosquera . 11 hours ago

Very cool episode. So far my favorite amongst all this season. I look forward to more Middle Ground.

Aylin Esquives

Aylin Esquives . 11 hours ago

Well this was boring

Jai Roux

Jai Roux . 13 hours ago

Wish This One Had More Diversity

Itgel N

Itgel N . 14 hours ago

The teens do not represent the teens at all. They are all prodigies, majority are not like that . Plz remake the video with teens from different backgrounds and maybe the parents and the teens shouldn't be related to being more heated discussions.

jl Hasan

jl Hasan . 15 hours ago

I Need indonesia translate


hellsrider's . 15 hours ago

Your not there to be their friend your there to be their mom/dad teach them right from wrong good from bad you have consequences for any actions decisions you make good or bad. Not teaching them from a built in baby sitter with a 72 in screen and a bag of potatoe chips.

Nob the Knave

Nob the Knave . 15 hours ago

Why would they have to? Until they are 18 they have one choice: Obey. After 18 they have two choices: 1: Continue to obey or 2: Leave When does "Seeing eye to eye." ever enter the picture?


DY5T3CTiC . 19 hours ago

??? 39 + 1?

Ace Star

Ace Star . 21 hours ago

14 year old making a documentary Me eating popcorn shouting at my screen

Liz Bluestar

Liz Bluestar . 22 hours ago

Can u do people who believe in climate change and those who don't?

Clinton Cook

Clinton Cook . 24 hours ago

The problem with doing this is what is the ration of successful children to those who are still working at their local department store? Successful children are more well rounded as compared to those who are lucky to be able to hold down a job. I work at Walmart and we had roughly 10 people get fired in a 3 day period of time across two departments. I think at least half of them were, either, still in high school or just getting out.

Hi There

Hi There . 1 day ago

wait if they walk forward it means they agree right

Osayande Imasuen

Osayande Imasuen . 1 day ago

This is not a accurate representation of actual teenagers 😂😂😂js

Girl of Many Vloggities

Girl of Many Vloggities . 1 day ago

Taylor kinda looks like Billie Eilish.

Girl of Many Vloggities

Girl of Many Vloggities . 1 day ago

When Fanny laughed as she said she wasn’t going to say her age at 0:36, I felt uncomfortable.

Girl of Many Vloggities

Girl of Many Vloggities . 1 day ago

I wonder if Isabella and her mom were laughing at Fanny’s name considering they’re British and I, as an American, know what that means.

Tommy Brown

Tommy Brown . 1 day ago

isabella is gorgeous


Shnook . 1 day ago

It would be real cool to see you guys do "Can Incels and Women See Eye to Eye?". Or something involving Incels.


Grimmer2006 . 1 day ago

I have a hard time believing that Elizabeth the film director is only 40, she looks much older.

Naimá Kat

Naimá Kat . 1 day ago

Should’ve Did This Without They’re Parents 🙄

Lily Rose

Lily Rose . 1 day ago


Tanner Pratt

Tanner Pratt . 1 day ago

Is no one going to talk about how beautiful Mateo's mother is


ayMOVES . 1 day ago

I feel like kids r both more AND less innocent nowadays. We're safer b/c we're not out + about as much but the stuff we see online may be cause for concern if we don't know what we're doing

Liz Martinez

Liz Martinez . 1 day ago

I lowkey wish they had brought like bad teens kinda

ashley leeps

ashley leeps . 1 day ago

it would be so cool with random like w/o their actual parents because they wouldn't have connections with the peopl


Stefani . 1 day ago

LOL Mateo learned to lie to his mother a long time ago

Aku Tenshi

Aku Tenshi . 1 day ago

Just do a pro-vaccine vs anti vaxxer pleaseeeeeee

Lemonade Jade

Lemonade Jade . 1 day ago

Am I the only one who thinks the thumbnail girl looks like Anne Marie

s rose

s rose . 1 day ago

wait... did that dad say that he regrets having kids??? low key

Nicholas Prastakos

Nicholas Prastakos . 1 day ago

These are not your average teens. You have only picked a certain type of teenagers. Personally im 16 years old and i dont feel like my point of view was stated at the video, I actually feel misrepresented.

Tanei Rivero

Tanei Rivero . 1 day ago

Well I’m a horrible kid 😭


Cel3stial . 1 day ago

Anti-vaccine vs Pro-vaccines??

Lindsay Sorensen

Lindsay Sorensen . 1 day ago

I saw Taylor in the thumbnail and thought "Marcia Marcia Marcia" lol

Paris Siripavaket

Paris Siripavaket . 1 day ago

I second parent's who believe in corporal punishment vs those who don't.

Shattered Molecule

Shattered Molecule . 2 days ago

The stereotypes the parents had about teens were overwhelming.

SS Robs

SS Robs . 2 days ago

39+1 I hate you already.

cherry cola

cherry cola . 2 days ago

"Well i got instagram and all my friends added me on the account" "I thought you didnt have instagram?" *sweats* "Oh i deleted it"


claudiarose_xo . 2 days ago

People wanting kids vs those who dont feel that desire Or Cultural Appropriation vs appreciation

Carlos Gillon

Carlos Gillon . 2 days ago

the dad literally said his kids are keeping him from being happy lol


Ramzeis777 . 2 days ago

That first question just shows you that teens think they know everything.

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